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Novi football team to host special camp for kids

NOVI (WXYZ) - The story of Robby Heil, the water boy who suited up for a night on the Novi football team, reached millions online last September.

Ever since Heil crossed the goal line, the story of a boy with Down Syndrome scoring a touchdown in front of his ill mother, spread faster than a high school rumor.

"Getting calls from ESPN, CBS and some others, I never really saw it going that route," Novi head football coach Jeff Burnside recalled.

But instead of making it a one-hit-wonder, the Wildcats are sharing the experience that one boy had, with others like him.

"I think we live in a world where a lot of times it's me, me, me, and I wanted our kids to start giving back to everybody else," Burnside added.

So last summer, on the heels of the internet fame, Robby's story inspired the Novi program to begin Fantasy camp for other kids with disabilities to get a taste of the gridiron. And now they're doing it again.